Bright Stone Innovation Investment Group successfully acquired Hongyuan Oxygen Industry

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      December 18, 2015,Bright Stone Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd. and 
Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Inc. formally signed a strategic merger agreement, which became Hongyuan Oxygen Industry Bright Stone innovation under the health care industry's first franchise business, openedBright Stone innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd. to enter the domestic health care industry, the first of its kind, for the development of Hongyuan Oxygen industry plug in the take-off wings.
      The strategic merger and reorganization, the Hongyuan oxygen industry will continue to maintain the enterprise in the medical oxygen chamber, diving decompression chamber, manned low pressure tank and large shield machine supporting the pressure transition chamber (human brakes) and other products in the field of leading position and Market advantage, at the same time will further increase investment in product research and development, into the domestic and international high-end oxygen chamber market, explore the development of hyperbaric oxygen clinical medical model, to further promote the development of China's hyperbaric oxygen to make greater contributions to the cause!

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Bright Stone Introduction

  Bright Stone Innovation Investment Group Co Ltd. is one of China’s top investments and advisory firm that strives to provide best solutions that create long lasting values for our investors, invested companies and society. 
  The firm was founded in 1999 by Huanxin Tang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Feng Gao, Director of Investment Decision Committee. They began with a limited balance sheet, while moved forward with entrepreneurial ideas about creating leading investments and uncompromising commitment to excellence. Their vision was to create an independent firm that adhered to highest professional and ethical standards and create long-term value for all shareholders.
  Today, we are still a boutique firm. But we are more than that. Our portfolio companies employ more than 30000 people across China, making us a major factor in local economic developments. 
  As a specialist in direct investment and asset management, we are a trusted partner to many of the nation’s top corporations. We directly invest in a wide range of fields: advanced manufacturing, environmental preserving energy, biomedical engineering, agriculture, tourism and culture. We also have a leading asset management team that is capable of handling complex situations and making decisions based on prudent and cogent procedures. Indeed, all of our investment decisions reflect Bright Stone’s strong commitment to outstanding performance.  
  In July of 2015, Bright Stone Innovation Investment Group Co. Ltd completed its initial public debut and is listed on the New Third Board under the code 832924. 
  We concentrate our investment resources on big consumption concepts and strategic emerging industries. Within these target industry verticals, we look for well-positioned market leaders with favorable long-term trends. Also, we look for businesses that possess broad “spread of risk” characteristics, such as wide-ranging customer and supplier bases, diverse revenue streams – and that have limited exposure to technological obsolescence, government regulation or commodity pricing. More importantly, we look for opportunities to fundamentally enhance operating performance. As a result of this focused approach, we are able to dig deeper to identify the growth and profitability improvement initiatives to drive long-term value creation. 
  China Wanda Group was established in 1988 and based in Shandong Province. With the partnership of Bright Stone, China Wanda has become a national large-scaled corporation with total assets of more than 30 billion RMB, 13000 employers and 5.6 million square meters of occupied land. Wanda specializes in the production of tyre, electro-mechanical goods, and chemical engineering goods. Their produced goods export to 162 countries and regions. On top of that, China Wanda understands that human capital is the key to their global comparative competitiveness. In order to attract the best talents, China Wanda developed an advanced national technology and engineering research center with two national laboratories and two post-doctoral stations. 
  In April 2016, Wanhua Bright Stone Hydrogen Industry Co., Ltd. was established by Wanhua Industrial Group, Bright Stone Innovation Investment Group, Xiang Long Enterprise Group and Yantai Huachuang. Bright Stone invested 385 million RMB to the new company’s total registered capital of 1.1 billion RMB and became the largest shareholder. The new company will rely on Wanhua Industrial Group’s “National enterprise technology identification center” and “National certification and Analysis Laboratory” as the innovative research platform to further develop it hydrogen production technology. With the advanced hydrogen production technology and strong expert team, Wanhua Bright Stone hydrogen Industry will be able to provide sufficient hydrogen supply to Dongying Port and the refining enterprises surrounding Dongying city through a dedicated pipeline network. With the rapid development of hydrogen production technology and risen demand in the markets such as Japan, Bright Stone decides to consider Wanhua Bright Stone hydrogen Industry Co., Ltd as an industrial platform to develop new energy sources and take a strategic position in the most important component of hydrogen production: build hydrogen production sites, acquire advanced technology in hydrogen battery and liquid hydrogen storage, build hydrogen stations domestically and export liquid hydrogen. Through these steps, Bright Stone aims to build a sustainable business which will provide added values to the society. 
  On top of these industry leaders, Bright Stone also directly invests in “technology small giants” companies.  
  Bright Stone is the proud partner of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC). In 2012, Bright Stone founded Shanghai Beidou Satellite Navigation Platform with CASC. Together, Bright Stone aims to provide the community with navigation, precise timing, satellite communication and other services based on the Compass System. Beidou is mainly responsible for the planning, construction and operation of the "Comprehensive Beidou Service Platform of Location-based Information” under the guidance of the China Satellite Navigation office. 
  In 2014, Bright Stone invested into Yantai Sanfeng Gas Energy Technology Co, aiming to develop China’s first Oxygen enriched combustion furnace with completely independent intellectual property rights. This product can be used to replace the traditional large-scale coke cupola thus bring significant benefits to energy conservation. 
  In 2015, Bright Stone takes a stake purchase of Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industry Group Co. Ltd’s 75% of equity. Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industry Group Co. Ltd is the industry leader in hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Hongyuan is the only corporation in the industry that is able to manufacture high quality hyperbaric oxygen chamber within the industry in high quantities, and is able to provide for medical, military and construction devices. Furthermore, Hongyuan is the only company in China that   designs and manufactures hyperbaric intervention for Tunnel Boring Machine. Also, Hongyuan is capable of design and manufacture A5 manned pressure vessel, and is approved for weapon equipment system and ASME. 
  In the field of Asset Management, Bright Stone Innovation’s sub company Bright Stone Investment is a tier 1 investor in the field of Private Equity. Bright Stone Investment is one of the 22 institutions that possess the qualification of venture capital investment management approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. It is a professional vice-chairman unit of China Investment Committee of Venture Capital and a special member of Asset Management Association of China. It possess the qualification of National Social Insurance Fund Management and Insurance Capital Management, and could establish industrial fund. Up to now, Bright Stone Investment has successfully invested in Anhui Deli Household (002571), Kingsun Optoelectronic (002638), Zhengzhou GI Tech (300480), Shenzhen Sea Sky Land Technological (002261), Han’s Laser Technology (002008), Shandong Nanshan Aluminium (600219), Henan Xindaxin Materials (300080), Rapoo Technology (002577). 
  Bright Stone Investment has established many industrial funds. In 2011, Bright Stone Investment and Shandong Ocean Investment, CP Global Investment Group has established Blue Economic Region Industrial Investment Fund, which is worth 30 billion RMB. This fund is a national industrial fund with the investment approval from China Insurance Regulatory Commission. In 2013, Bright Stone Investment and Tongren (Guizhou Province) Municipal government established Wulin Mountain Tourism Industrial Investment Fund. This fund is the first national level tourism industrial investment fund, which is worth 30 Billion RMB. On top of that, Bright Stone Investment has establish growth funds such as Bright Stone Xinyuan, Bright Stone Deyuan, Bright Stone Keyuan, Brigh Stone Zhixin and Shanghai Beidou. Bright Stone Zhixin Fund has received capital contribution of 2 billion RMB from Tianan Property Insurance Company Limited of China. 
  In 2015, Bright Stone has been recognized as the top PE firms in China and won industry awards in recognition of its achievements across industries. . 
  Forbes has ranked Bright Stone No.21 among the best domestic PE firms based mainly on IRR and fund exists in 2014. In 2015, Forbes has ranked Bright Stone No.24 among the all of PE firms, which includes international firms such as KKR and Tiger Funds. 
  In 2015, ChinaVenture has ranked Bright Stone as the Top 10 most innovative PE fund IN China. 
  For the third consecutive year, Bright Stone has been recognized with the “China’s Top 50 PE Firms of the Year” by Zero2IPO Group. Also, Bright Stone has won “the Top 10 Advanced Manufacturing Industry Investment Company”. 
  Reinforcing Bright Stone’s leading position in agriculture, ChinaVenture has named Bright Stone “the Best Modern Farming Industry Investment Company”. 
  For the next ten years, our firm is committed to make the transition from “Boutique” to “Big”. Bright Stone is committed to reach the goal of “five-100”: 10 Billion in Equity, 100 professional investors, 100 strategic partner corporations, 100 intellectual innovation companies. 
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Bright Stone Innovation Holdings acquired the Hongyuan Oxygen Industry, to create "technological innovation giant" business
   In order to implement the "Hsinchu" plan, Bright Stone innovation on December 18, 2015 invested 360 million yuan acquisition of Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Inc. 75% stake in another technology innovation giant giant enterprise was incorporatedBright Stone innovation.
Hongyuan Oxygen Industry, as the leading enterprise in the field of domestic medical devices, is the only enterprise in the field which possesses the production qualification of medical equipment, military products and large-scale shield machine at the same time. It is the only naval decompression Class fixed-point production units, but also the only professional design and manufacture of the tunnel air pressure transition chamber of the enterprise, with A5-class manned pressure vessel design and manufacturing qualifications, and through the quality of weapons and equipment system certification and ASME international certification for the Fourth Military Medical University, Aerospace Medicine Successfully developed and built pressure and temperature composite explosion decompression chamber for the successful development and construction of the National Space Laboratory "Shenzhou" series of space simulation to return to the experimental chamber, and the China Shipbuilding Corporation successfully developed transparent glass underwater sightseeing submarines, the first Taiwan stereotypes products "Huandao dragon 1" was officially put into use.
Hongyuan oxygen production of various types of hyperbaric oxygen chamber products are widely used, involving various hospitals and medical institutions, the Navy rescue units and diving salvage units, aerospace medical experiments and high altitude oxygen protection equipment, and other fields, has been successfully exported Turkey, Israel, Singapore, Argentina and many other countries. Up to now, hospitals and medical institutions for the design and construction of medical oxygen chamber market share of more than 60% for the naval fleet, base and rescue forces equipped with various types of decompression cabinets market share of more than 90% for China Railway Construction, China China Railway and other large central enterprises to provide large shield machine air pressure transition cabin and safe-haven equipment market share of more than 80%.
With the promotion of the national policy on the health industry and the "one-way all the way" strategy to continue to promote,Bright Stone innovation will Hongyuan oxygen industry as a major health industry platform, integrated health care industry resources, continue to increase the company's product technology, And business development and other aspects of capital and resource investment to enhance the capacity of independent innovation, the development of high value-added products to promote high-end medical equipment, technology upgrades and product upgrades to achieve leapfrog development.
In the future, Bright Stone Innovation will continue to adhere to the direct investment and asset management two-lane development strategy, adhering to the "deep plowing industry, keep innovation" investment philosophy, and continuously promote the implementation of "Hsinchu plan", participation holding more "technology innovation small giant enterprise" , And they go hand in hand, create brilliant.