The first domestic low-temperature composite explosion decompression chamber,which made by Hongyuan was successfully completed

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      By the Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Inc. for the Fourth Military Medical University, Aerospace Medical College R & D and manufacture of large-scale low-pressure and temperature composite explosion decompression cabin on November 18, 2015 successfully completed by the national certification testing qualified third-party testing organizations Performance testing and expert appraisal, the performance indicators have reached the leading domestic level to achieve a number of major technological breakthroughs in the field, the equipment will be put into use for China's aerospace medical research and equipment play an important role in the experiment.   
   The low pressure and temperature composite explosion decompression chamber uses a number of domestic first advanced technology and innovative design, is currently similar products in the simulation of the highest height, maximum simulation temperature range, the most wide field of experiments, the most advanced function of the first-class equipment.Its main advanced technology and innovative design are as follows:
1、The low pressure, temperature and explosion decompression of three important functions of integrated design to better simulate the high-altitude real environment to meet the needs of a variety of experimental status, which is currently in the design of such products is the first time, is a major breakthrough Innovative design.
2、Temperature -56.5 ℃ to achieve the ultimate temperature state, can truly simulate the different altitude of 30,000 meters below the true high-altitude environment, breaking the current domestic experiments can achieve this type of cabin -50 ℃ low temperature limit for a variety of experiments and research Provides a good condition, is such a function of laboratory cabin a major breakthrough.
3、The explosion decompression system adopts the open-type electromagnetic door innovation technology, which can effectively complete the explosion decompression process in an instant and has the advantages of simple operation and low experimental cost. It is an important innovation breakthrough in the practical technology of such products, Of the application value.
The technical innovation and breakthrough achieved by the combination of the explosion and decompression chamber of low pressure and temperature have filled a gap in the country, and obtained a national invention patent and a number of utility model patents (Patent Name: Temperature Explosive Decompression Compound Test Module Patent No .: ZL 2011 1 0266892.6).