Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Inc. successfully passed a new generation of square oxygen chamber acceptance

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     Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Inc. Yantai City Yantai Hill Hospital for the construction of a new generation of square oxygen chamber successfully completed! December 11, 2014, by the Shandong Provincial Office of the special inspection chamber oxygen chamber product registration examiner Zhu Yuandong, Jia De in conjunction with Shandong Province MD, director of hyperbaric oxygen branch, Shandong Provincial Hospital of hyperbaric oxygen Bi Mei Zhu director of the cabin on the scene Inspection and acceptance, according to national standards and product testing requirements, one by one on the performance of the equipment for a rigorous on-site testing, testing, equipment performance are in line with or better than testing requirements and successfully passed the inspection and acceptance. The group of experts gave a high evaluation of the equipment, agreed that the device design novel, advanced technology, excellent performance indicators, reached the most advanced level.
      Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Inc. successfully developed a new generation of square cabin with a unique design and warm humane cabin layout; the use of advanced wide-type sliding door and eliminate the oxygen chamber threshold, the ICU Emergency beds and stretchers and wheelchairs to free access to oxygen chamber; equipped with a multi-functional oxygen equipment and emergency medical modules, so that each set of oxygen equipment are equipped with conventional oxygen, aerosol and oxygen suction and suction A variety of functions, can fully meet the various types of hyperbaric oxygen in patients with oxygen in the oxygen cabin treatment and critically ill patients in the oxygen chamber rescue treatment needs; complete sets of equipment using advanced digital integrated operation control system, oxygen chamber operation The manual, semi-automatic and computer automation control three ways, including manual mechanical operation using the company's innovative research and development and access to national patent lever mechanical operation valve, semi-automatic operation using PLC touch microcomputer control system and according to program automation Control of advanced computer automatic operation control system. The whole set of equipment has adopted a number of innovative patented technologies to achieve a breakthrough in oxygen chamber products, representing the most advanced level of domestic oxygen chamber products, leading the future direction of the development of oxygen chamber.