Ship-based decompression chamber

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    Ship-based decompression chambers means those chambers which could be installed and used on fleets or lifeboats. Their maximum working pressure is 1.0MPa or 2. 0MPa usually and they could be used for normal air diving and mixed-gas diving separately, mainly used for pressurized diving training, treatment of decompression sickness, submarine rescue and salvage protection. Hongyuan company has been cooperating with research institutes like navy medical scientific institute, combined with design, research and manufacture; Have been learning with an open mind and studying assiduously, Hongyuanese overcame technological problems and developed core technologies successfully, as a result, equipped for many navy large-scale ships with first class vehicle-based movable decompression chambers with features of advanced performance, safety and reliability, fine and high quality, which making its due contributions to improving navy equipment level.

Large Ship-based Decompression Chamber Group Built for Navy Beihai Fleet

Large Ship-based Decompression Chamber Operating Console