Aviation Experimental Cabin

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    The development of aviation industry is an important symbol of one country’s comprehensive strength and social progress. In recent years, our country has made great progress in both civil aviation and military fields. The research of aviation air safety, accident prevention and disaster emergency disposal become particularly important. The aviation can simulate the real low pressure and low temperature environment at different height and the aircraft damage condition by creating different pressure and temperature environment and the rapid decompression process, which has a significant and far-reaching meaning on the study of aviation physiological tests for aviators, equipment experiment and disaster emergency disposal.(Our temperature explosion compound experiment chamber has been patented and the patent number is ZL 2011 2 0337988.2).

Application cases:The School of Aerospace Medicine of the Fourth Military Medical University, CPLA Air Force General Hospital.

Aviation Experimental Cabin which is being built for People Liberation Army Air Force General Hospital


Aviation Experimental Cabin Built for No. 4 Military University