Medical Oxygen Chambers

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  Medical Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

     Medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a special medical equipment by creating a pressurized environment and make people inhale oxygen under the pressure for treatment and recovery, belonging to pressure vessels for human occupancy(PVHO). The medical hyperbaric oxygen treatment by hyperbaric chamber has an obvious effect on all kinds of hypoxic-ischemic diseases, especially harmful gas poisoning, postoperative rehabilitation of brain trauma, early stage cerebral thrombosis, sudden deafness, glaucoma and so on. As an important treatment, medical hyperbaric therapy is being widely used.

    With the improvement of our national medical hyperbaric clinical level, the applied range of hyperbaric medical treatment are expanded expeditiously. It plays an important role not only in the clinical medical treatment but also in the rescue of acute altitude sickness, mine accident, earthquake relief and other fields. Medical hyperbaric chamber has become an indispensable important equipment for general hospitals and rehabilitation hospitals, what’s more, it is also popularized in plateau liberation army, armed police and emergency rescue organizations.

    Based on deep study of our more than ten years experiences in producing medical hyperbaric oxygen chambers and currently advanced technologies learned from both home and abroad oxygen chamber manufacturing, with the purpose to satisfy desires for practical hyperbaric oxygen treatment, our technical team has developed new-generation of medical hyperbaric oxygen chambers. The product not only conform to updated standard of “GB12130-2005 medical Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber” but also adopt a series of advanced technologies, such as advanced computer automatic control system and safe inspection technology, permanent magnet coupling induction and external recycle central air distribution technology of air-conditioner system, multi-functional integrated oxygen breathing control technology, cabin projective synchronization technology, oxygen supplying dynamic monitoring and flow measuring technology, split type vital sign monitoring technology and advanced car spray painting workmanship, which greatly improve the advancement, utility and elegance of the product.

​    The new-generation of Hongyuan oxygen chambers is more safe, reliable, comfortable and beautiful and definitely will offer you a fine new enjoyment.


Large combined five-cabin group built for Kunming People’s Liberation Army General Hospital

New Style Console

Chamber Inner Decoration

New Type VIP Chamber Inner Decoration

Large-scale high and low pressure chamber combined group built for No.406 People’s Liberation Army Hospital

 The leading technological advantages
△  Automated computer operation system and security detection system
△  Permanent magnet coupling induction and external recycle central air distribution technology of air-conditioner system
△  Multi-functional oxygen breathing control technology

△  New type widened sliding door or overhead door
△  New type manual pull-lever mechanical operating valve
△  Synching-up projected image system of the chamber
△  Dynamic monitoring of supplying oxygen and flow measurement technology

Automated Computer Operation System and Security Detection System

Schematic Diagram of Air-conditioning Recycling Central Air Distribution System

Multi-functional Oxygen Breathing Control Technology

New Type Widened Sliding Door or Overhead Door

New type manual pull-lever mechanical operating valve

Synching-up Projected Image System of the Chamber

Dynamic Monitoring of Supplying Oxygen and Flow Measurement Technology