Development process

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     There has a private enterprise who through hard work, constantly explore and rolling development to growing up healthily; and there also have a group of pioneers who are like-minded, hard work, honest and trustworthy, relentless pursuit, they are living in the beautiful port city of Yantai, creating a myth of legend.

  In March 1998, the original leading team and core technology backbone members of Yantai hyperbaric oxygen chamber, decided to resign from the leadership positions and preferential treatment of state-owned enterprises, start from scratch, then built 
Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Inc.

  In January 1999, through the evaluation of the government, Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Inc.. obtained manufacturing qualification of medical oxygen chamber, decompression chamber and PVHO.

  In March 1999, through the strict review of Navy Command Maritime Security Department, Hongyuan was identified as the Navy decompression chamber fixed-point production units.

  In June 2001, Hongyuan successfully reconstruction the large-scale ship of decompression chamber group for the Navy North Sea Fleet 121 rescue command ship.

  In March 2003, Hongyuan successfully built the space simulation return capsule for the People's Liberation Army General Armament Department.

  In July 2003, Hongyuan successfully construction the largest 1.5 MPa land based decompression chamber group in Asia for the North Sea Fleet nuclear submarine base.

  In February 2004, Hongyuan successfully construction the advanced performance three-cabin seven-door decompression chamber group for the East Sea Fleet.

  In March 2005, Hongyuan passed the national military product quality system certification and the Navy Equipment Department of the second party’s audit, Hongyuan included in the Navy weapons and equipment qualified party list.

  In June 2005, Hongyuan successfully built box-mounted medical air compression oxygen chamber for the Brunei Government.

  In March 2006, Hongyuan successfully equipped with a 1.0 Mpa box-mounted decompression chamber for the Nigeria Navy.

  In March 2007, after the tender of General Health Department, Hongyuan successfully built the medical air compression oxygen chamber, which is suitable in the plateau for the Tibet four hospitals of the eight, the fourty one, the seventy five and the one hundred and fifteen hospital.  

  In August 2008, Hongyuan won the bidding of the Ministry of Health in armed police headquarters and the armed forces water and electricity, and built a total of 17 sets medical air compression oxygen chamber for Qinghai-Tibet Plateau armed police units.

  In Oct. 2008, Hongyuan successfully built six sets tunnelling air-pressure transition chambers for Canada Luo weite company and exported to South America and Australia.

  In November 2008, Hongyuan successfully built advanced performance new generation of medium-sized medical air compression oxygen chamber for the Egypt.

  In Dec.2008, Hongyuan cooperated with Shanghai Naval Medical Research Institute, and successfully reconstruct the national key scientific and technological project— "500 meters saturated diving equipment".

  In April 2009, Hongyuan New Industrial Park (Wolong Industrial Park) was built, and officially put into use.

  In May 2010, Hongyuan provided 22 sets portable medical compression chamber for Yushu earthquake relief site.

  In Sep.2014, Hongyuan equipped with four sets " Plateau Medical Pressurizing Vehicle" used in plateau region for Armed Police Gold Force.

  In Oct.2014, launched the "Hongyuan intelectual-made, quality strategy" with American Oxyheal Health Group, and cooperated to develop high-end user market at home and abroad.

  In Dec.2015, Hongyuan was mergered and acquisitioned by Brightstone Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd. and became the Group's holding company.

  In March 2016, Hongyuan successfully built "pressure and temperature composite explosion decompression chamber" for the Fourth Military Medical University School of Aerospace, and passed the relevant departments’ inspection and acceptance, which provided a reliable guarantee for follow-up relevant experiments.

  In May 2016, Hongyuan successfully built the first new high-end competitive oxygen chamber for Shanghai Blue Cross brain hospital.

  In August 2016, Hongyuan cooperated with the "China Ship 702 Institute", and successfully developed the diving sightseeing submarines of "Huandao flood dragon",and passed the test acceptance in the South China Sea.

  In Dec. 2016, through the review of the relevant state departments, Hongyuan became the provincial high-tech enterprise.