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 ICU medical oxygen chamber

     With the continuous improvement of the level of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and the continuous expansion of application areas, more and more patients with acute and severe hyperbaric oxygen need to carry out rescue and treatment in oxygen chamber, the third generation of new oxygen chamber made by Hongyuan will focus on development the oxygen chamber, which certain high-end ICU features, this kind of oxygen chamber will have the following advantages: 1. Using Wide sliding door to meet the requirements of ICU bed can free access to the cabin; 2. The cabin seat and ICU beds can be placed with free switching; 3. Each location in the cabin is equipped with oxygen equipment and negative pressure suction facilities to meet various types of patients; 4. Equipped with impeccable monitoring and rescue equipment; 5. Equipped with safety power supply facilities with national standards; 6. Implement cabin temperature and humidity balance control; 7. Implement the cabin air purification targets close to the ICU requirements; 8 The cabin can achieve overall disinfection.

    The application of new generation high-end ICU medical oxygen chamber will surely play an important role in rescue and treatment Hyperbaric oxygen critically ill patients, and it has profound significance for the development of hyperbaric oxygen clinical medicine.


The third generation of medical air compression oxygen chamber (export-oriented·flat-bottomed structure) high-end products

Plateau oxygen-enriched cabin

    The plateau oxygen-enriched compression cabin is composed of compression cabin and supporting generator set, booster fan, oxygen bottle group, air conditioning and other equipment. The compression cabin can be fixed on the vehicle and integrated with the vehicle, and it also can directly placed on the ground to use. The whole set of equipment is self-contained, the whole system is highly integrated, safe, reliable and easy to operate. It can work independently without any external power, and can work normally in static state and motion state.

    This products are mainly used in the plateau region, where below the altitude of 6000 meters, and it can not only through add the pressure to change the pressure environment, but also can through a professional breathing oxygen equipment to breath pure oxygen in cabin, and to further improve the hypoxia state. It can be used in high altitude areas as a treatment and rescue equipment for acute hypoxia, and it can also be used as a place for rest and health care in high altitude areas, it is an effective life support equipment in the plateau region.

Plateau oxygen-enriched cabin (vehicle-based)

Plateau oxygen-enriched cabin (inner layout)


Plateau oxygen-enriched cabin (inner layout)


Supporting oxygen bottle group

Combined plateau oxygen-enriched cabin

 Plateau oxygen-enriched operating room and sickroom

    With the implementation of the national western development strategy, there are more and more people choose tourism and work from the mainland to the plateau, at the same time, in order to defend the national border security, the PLA and the Armed Police Force in the plateau high altitude area activities are also increasing. In the plateau region, sudden high altitude disease (cerebral edema, pulmonary edema, etc.) and other acute illnesses increased significantly, in many cases, they need to implement surgery and treatment in the highlands.It’s severe hypoxia in plateau high altitude areas, so the surgery and recovery are not ideal for these patients who are living in hypoxic environment, and even in some cases, the surgery doctors from the Mainland to the plateau region will also appear certain altitude sickness, it will lead the surgery not smoothly. Therefore, it is of great significance to construct plateau oxygen-enriched operating rooms and sickrooms in high altitude areas.

    Plateau oxygen-enriched operating rooms and sickrooms are composed of a number of closed compartments, it can be made of metal steel structure, and can also use a special process, which made by the pouring of concrete, the function of operating room and sickroos can set according to the relevant medical requirements, and it should have the temperature and humidity control, sterilization, fresh air exchange and air purification and other functions. Using the pressure generating equipment to add air pressure to the operating rooms and sickrooms, so that the pressure in the room can relatively improved, in order to achieve the conversion from high altitude to low altitude area (maximum return from the altitude of 5000 meters to zero altitude). Meanwhile, it can delivery a certain amount of oxygen to the closed operating room and sickrooms according to the demands, so that the room can in the pressurized and oxygen-enriched environment. Under this environmental conditions, implement surgery on patients can play a special therapeutic effect.

Plateau oxygen-enriched operating rooms and sickrooms