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Advantages introduction of new generation medical air compression oxygen chambers (export-oriented• flat bottom structure)

    Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Inc. signed a formal strategic cooperation agreement with international leader OxyHeal Health Group on October 14, 2014, and opened a joint development of international markets, and came into the domestic high-end areas , thus created a new world-class products.
    New generation medical air compression oxygen chamber (export-oriented·flat bottom structre) is a kind of new product, which is researched and developed by Hongyuan Company, they study and learn from foreign advanced technology concepts and combine with their own company's mature design and manufacture experience, the technology advantages are as follows:

 Novelty appearance design
The overall shape structure of this products has a whole round flat structure, changing the traditional oxygen chamber cylindrical shape design style, the appearance of the chamber with a straight line and the combination of curved streamlined design style, and use advanced profiles of the overall stereotypes processing technology, make the operation desk, medical lock, observation windows, emergency decompression, other facilities and chamber design as a whole integrated, and unified with the housing decoration design to make the overall appearance look seamless and exquisite.

 New inner decorative layout of chamber
All the decorative sheets and facilities in chambers are modular detachable fixed structure, and can be quickly removed and restored if it is necessory, the floor with high-strength, anti-static stone-plastic plate, and the floor is fully enclosed to meet the requirements of overall disinfection and purification; the inside facilities have reasonable and beautiful layout, and fully meet the needs of convenience operation and maintenance; the seat can be discretionarily fixation and disassembly, which can not only meet the demands of seat-type treatment but also meet the needs of ICU bed treatment; in order to ensure that the water in chamber can be smoothly drained out, one end of the chamber is reserved with water tank, which has a high grade and user-friendly design.
The inner decoration of chamber introduced a new idea of furniture decoration and design, and combined with flat and streamlined decorative style, and increased the color elements of light yellow and light orange, achieved a diversified light adjustment, and reflected the warm and comfortable humanized design concept .

 Using advanced widen-type sliding door (Patent technology   Patent Number:ZL200720159661.4)
We have introduced America cooperative partner’s advanced technology, all the chamber doors are using advanced two-way orbit and self-closing widen-type sliding door ( Size of chamber door:width 1000mm ×length 1900mm), this door is very flexible and easy to close and open, it’s very realiable, besides, it achieves the chamber floor, doorsill and hall floor completely in the same level, which makes the stretchers, wheelchairs and ICU beds can easily access the chamber, it’s very convenient.

 Perfect inner facilities and treatment function
We used multi-functional oxygen inhaling medical module(Patent technology  Patent number: ZL200720159660.X)each module has five functions including conventional oxygen breathing, atomized oxygen breathing, first class oxygen breathing, negative pressure oxygen breathing and emergency calls, and equipped with multiple sets of breathing machine, monitor interface, while setting the human facilities, which can supply effective treatment and service insurance for ICU critical patients and VIP high-end persons and so on.

 Advanced operation control system
This product is equipped with advanced digital integrated operation system, the operation has three ways, including manual, semi-automatic and computer automated operation control, besides we have manual mechanical console and automated integrated console separating design, the manual machine is the integration design of console and chamber, the automated digital integration console is individually designed and can be freely positioned anywhere around the oxygen chamber, the manual mechanical operation with Hongyuan Company own innovative research and development trolley type mechanical operating valves, which has got the national patent (Patent technology  Patent Number: 201320308100.1), semi-automatic operation with PLC touch microcomputer control system and achieve advanced computer automatic operation control system with automatic operation control according to the program. (Patent technology   Patent Number:ZL 200720159656.3).
Each chamber equipped with one set of advanced microcomputer LED touch-type operation system, each touch-type operation system can display chamber’s pressure, oxygen concentration, temperature, and through the digital setting it can achieve the automatic control of chamber’s compression and decompression, automatic exhaust oxygen, variable light control and air conditioning temperature control system.

 Compact structure, easy to install
A new generation medical air compression oxygen chamber (export-oriented • flat bottom structure), which combined with a flat bottom and flat head design sturcture, and can directly put the chamber on the floor, so it’s not necessary to dig   the basement, thereby greatly reduce the construction costs of the chamber, at the same time it uses the module combination installation structure to make the electric control valves, oil-water separator, air filters and other accessory equipment install above the oxygen chamber, which reduced the engine room's space occupied by the above-mentioned equipments, and shorten the installation period, achieved the purpose of compact structure, quick installation and convenient maintenance.

 The advantage of big space in chamber
Due to the new design concepts of the chamber, ceiling air-conditioning has adopted the international advanced on the embedded external raised structure, so that the net height of the chamber increased about 30cm, so that the effective space in chamber is more bigger and has a good sense of space.
All in all, the new generation medical air compression chamber(export-oriented·flat bottom structure) researched and developed by Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Inc. has the advantages of novelty appearance, warm decoration, perfect functions and advanced perfermance. It’s no doubt that it will provide the good social and application values to the customers.