The profile of Hongyuan

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        Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Inc. is limited by shares,and it was founded in March 1998, and it has been the leading company in the domestic industry after decades of arduous pioneering. On Dec.18, 2015, it was mergered and acquisitioned by Brightstone Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd., and became the Group's holding company,Hongyuan company is made up of Zhifu Wolong industrial park, with a total area of 100 mu. The company set up 11 departments such as the sales company, technical center, manufacturing plant, the installation department and so on.We have over 270 employees. The company has a total asset of 350 million and the annual sales income amount to 280 million , the market share of medical air compression chamber is more than 60%, and the navy equipment various types of diving decompression chamber and supporting the air pressure transition chamber (manlock) for large tunneling boring machine is more than 90%.

        The main work of the company is to design, manufacture and install PVHO such as medical hyperbaric chamber, diving decompression chamber and so on, with national, military and international certifications for product design, manufacture, installation and maintenance. The company has a sound quality assurance system which contains strong technical strength, advanced processing technology, reliable detection methods and so on. The Major products: Medical Air Compression Chamber, Diving Decompression Chamber, Saturation Diving Chamber, Plateau Pressurizing Chamber, Portable Soft Cabin, Simulated Return Space Capsules, Plateau and Aerospace Manned Low-pressure Cabin, Air pressure Transition Cabin(manlock), all kinds of Experimental Cabins, Normal Pressure Oxygen Sucking Cabins(Oxygen Bar) and so on.

The company has high-quality workforce and perfect product service system and we implement the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, personnel training and after-sale protection service as one-stop service. We emphasized on the application of new technologies and the R&D of new products and we keep the business philosophy of “Quality leads to survival, prestige wins the market”, striving make greater contribution to hyperbaric oxygen medical, naval force security, plateau exploration and aerospace medical experiments and other fields of development!

Being the leader in the industry, creating the world’s brand! Standing at a new start point and broadening new vision, Hongyuan company cooperate with international strategic partners——American OxyHeal Health Group, carry out high-end intellectual-made and quality strategy to create international top-grade product, make better services and expand domestic and international high-end users. Hongyuanese are working hard in solidarity and forging ahead to a more ambitious goal!