Internationalization process

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      By several years of effort, Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Co., Ltd. has been successfully export the product of medical oxygen chamber and the tunneling pressure transition chamber (manlock), the representative case of medical oxygen chambers are as below: built box-type medical air compression oxygen chamber for the Brunei kingdom in 2003, built 1.0Mpa diving decompression chamber for Navy Navy in 2004, built medium-sized medical air compression oxygen chamber for the Egyptian Oxy Health Company in 2009 and built advanced medical air compression Oxygen chamber for the Congo Kinshasa President hospital in 2012. After the above products put into use, it played a positive role to promote the development of local medical undertakings and the treatment of patients.

 Brunei box-type Medical Hyperbaric Chamber Pressurized With Air

      The box-type medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber built by Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Co., Ltd for Brunei Government has passed inspections by related authorities of China and Brunei, arrived in Brunei in July 2003 for official operation. The plant is used for rescue and treatment for royal members of Brunei. Its advanced technology and quality service have received unanimous appreciation and praises from official source and related experts of Brunei.

      The plant has adopted many advanced technologies, including DMC digital video monitoring, pneumatic breathing machine in chamber, shield 6-parameter vital-sign synchronously monitoring and ambient oxygen compensation auto locking and controlling, and configuration for fast-built combination. It is safe, advanced, high efficient and easy to use, reaching a leading technical level in the world. The plant is the first export among the like products of China, which marks Chinese products of medical hyperbaric oxygen chambers have capability to participate international competition.

      In November of 2004, we successfully built a 1.0Mpa box-type medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber for Nigeria military, making contributions in raising the arm equipment for Nigeria navy.

Hyperbaric Air-Source System

Box-type Medical Hyperbaric Chamber Pressurized with Air Built for Brunei Government

Appearance of Box-type Medical Hyperbaric Chamber Pressurized with Air


 Box-type decompression chamber for Nigeria Navy

      In November 2004, Hongyuan company design and manufacture one 1.0MPa box-type decompression chamber for Nigeria Navy successfully. The chamber is box-type structure with the decompression chamber and control system installed in a standard 20chi container together and the importing oil free compressor, hyperbaric air tanks and oxygen-supplying system installed in another container, which connect with each other by hyperbaric soft tubes in quick connect way. The chamber could be used not only on land but also on the deck of a fleet. The whole system have advanced performance, simple operation and highly integrated degree, making contributions to improve the level of Nigeria navy equipment.

Box Inner Equipment Layout

Box-type Diving Decompression Chamber built for Nigeria Military


Chamber Inner Layout


 Medium-size  medical air compression chamber for Egypt

      In November 2009, Hongyuan company signed a contract with the president of Egypt Oxy Health Company, Ms Mona to manufacture a high level medical hyperbaric chamber for Egypt. The chamber adopts advanced automatic computer control system and equips with many kinds of oxygen breathing devices with functions of normal oxygen breathing, atomized oxygen breathing and first aid oxygen.The decoration of the chamber adopt bright beige going with wine red which works well with the adjustable soft light offered by LED variable optical light illuminating systems and create an special effect which meets the Arabian aesthetic standards. The chamber has received high praises from Egypt customers for its good quality and distinctive traits.


Live Communication with Egypt Customers

Medical Hyperbaric Chamber Pressurized with Air built for Egypt Oxy Health Company

Advanced Hyperbaric Chamber Console



 Advanced medical air compression chamber for Congo

      In October 2014, Hongyuan company manufacture a set of medical hyperbaric chamber with advanced performance, complete functions, simple operations and highly integrated degree for Congo Kinshasa President Hospital built with Chinese government aid. It increases the treatment methods and expands the medical fields of Kinshasa hospital by putting the chamber into use, which make hyperbaric therapy promoted and applied in African countries as an important treatment method.


Congo Kinshasa President Hospital on Location

On-scene Observation of Congo Kinshasa President Hospital’s Medical Staffs

Congo Kinshasa President Hospital’s Medical Staffs Observing Equipment