Diving Decompression Chamber

To carry out the ocean development strategy is the unavoidable way to make our country prosperous and stronger. As an important support equipment to march to the ocean, diving decompression chambers play an particularly important role in military, salvage, deep-water operations and so on. According to the different purposes of the diving decompression chambers, it can be divided into land-based diving decompression chamber, ship-based diving decompression chamber, vehicle-based movable decompression chamber, box-type deck diving decompression chamber, saturation diving decompression chamber and so on. Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Co.,Ltd. is the exclusive designated production site of navy decompression chambers and has been manufacturing and reforming over 200 various decompression chamber for our major navy fleets and bases for more than 10 years. The products are featured with advanced performance, safe and reliability, elegant-looking, easy to operate and taking a technically leadership in China, having receiving high praises from navy officers and soldiers and related experts.