Strategic Planning

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      After sixteen years of arduous pioneering works, Hongyuan company has become the leading enterprise in the industry, however, Hongyuanese do not stop the pace of development because of the achievements. Today, Hongyuanese sound the bugle of moving forward once again and set foot on the second entrepreneurial journey! In September 2014, we sign strategic cooperation agreement with the international industry leader American OxyHeal Health Group to develop the international market hand in hand, moving towards domestic high-end fields, building international first-class products and innovating industrial service model.

 Alliance between giants——build domestic first-class brand
    Cooperating with American OxyHeal Health Group hand in hand and refining decades of product designing and manufacturing experience, we further introduce international advanced concepts and technologies to study and manufacture the first-class international high-end products, making Hongyuan chamber the first-class brand.

 Expanding fields——enter the high-end sector of the industry and the oversea market
    Under the premise of consolidating the leading position in the present product industry, we march toward the new fields of diving saturation, tunneling intervention protection, medical hyperbaric managements etc and make efforts to expand the international market with American OxyHeal Health Group hand in hand.

 Challenging height——do Chinese best cabins
    Cooperating with American OxyHeal Health Group hand in hand, we introduce the advanced technological concepts of foreign counterpart and break thorough the present Chinese technological bottle neck of cabin design and manufacture to create and manufacture the international first-class high-end products.

 Innovating Services——be the sincere friend of our customers
    Breaking the product-focused service concepts and creating customer-focused new service concept, improving and perfecting the service systems to offer the sincere and considerable services for our customers.